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Corporate Customization Welcome

Ad Personam Program


Welcome to the world where mask boxes are no longer displeasing to the eyes. The Black Diamond Mask is immacutely packaged in a glistening black box and thus makes the perfect presentable yet affordable corporate gift to both clients and employees. 

The team here at Diamond K Style offer minimal customizations to full-blown corporate repackaging customizations. 

For all corporate orders, please email diamondkstyle@gmail.com or contact +65 9002 5057 directly. All our masks are individually-sealed and quality assured. 

All designs includes: Free design of company name and/or logo on desired areas of the box.

Lead time: 2-4 weeks (depending on level of customization)

Feast your eyes on the following samples to see how you can customize the Black Diamond Mask for your corporation: 



For all corporate orders, please email diamondkstyle@gmail.com or contact +65 9070 0087 directly.